Magic: The Gathering Arena- Environments

A few of the environments I've worked on during my time at Wizards of the Coast on Magic: The Gathering Arena. You can see how our art style has evolved over time. While I was the primary environment artist on the project during most of that time, these environments were created with the help of many talented 3D, VFX, and concept artists along with animators, tech artists... the list goes on. This list of collaborators includes, but is not limited to- Kelly Hamilton, Kevin Moy, Nate Alexander, Maxx Marshall, Danielle Olson, David Bastien, Matt Harwood, Joseph Danaher, Chip Carle, Andrew Klimas, Paul Chou, Erin Loelius, Ryan Gatts, Sterling Savoy, Mike Barquero, and Nikitha George. Shared with permission from Wizards of the Coast. All properties and rights associated with this work are ™ and © Wizards of the Coast.