Telltale Games

A series of environments I made for the Telltale games Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. With the exception of the Batman cafe scene, the majority of the modeling and texturing in these scenes was done by me, however due to the collaborative nature of Telltale's pipeline certain assets were modeled and/or textured by other artists, including Brenton Corns, Amanda Stewart, Sam Wilson, and Gray Rogers, with lighting by Jonathan Richardson. For the cafe scene in particular, Jan Wyss created the original environment for Batman season 1 (Which you can see here- and I was tasked with updating it for the new season, which involved converting it into a night scene, modeling and texturing the interiors of the buildings, adding new foliage and props, and reworking many of the models and textures in the scene. The timeline for each of these environments was generally around 4 weeks.

Adam chandler harleyoffice1
Adam chandler harleyoffice2
Adam chandler harleysoffice3
Adam chandler gothamstreetcafe1
Adam chandler gothamstreetcafe3
Adam chandler riddlersupercomputer2
Adam chandler battingcages1
Adam chandler battingcages2
Adam chandler battingcages4